Online talk #1 : Illicit tobacco

Science and the societal problem of illicit tobacco, Ed Stephens

In connection with our exhibition, Ed Stephens, the Principal Research Fellow of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (University of St Andrews), presents the issue of illicit tobacco.


Opening Night

Up in Smoke exhibition team with the two supervisors Agnès Bos (Lecturer, School of Art History, University of St Andrews) and Janice Crane (curator, ONFife)
Introductory speech by the curators Léa Rangé and Alessia Socciarelli with the ONFife’s Director of Creative Development, Michelle Sweeney
The curators Alessia Socciarelli and Elisa Dallanoce (Right)
Private tour by the curator Joffrey Nogrette
Private tour by the curator Léa Rangé
Curator Alec van Rijsewijk

Final storyline

The Display team introduced this morning the final version of the exhibition scenario:

I – The beginning of the smoking era

II – The “perfect type of a perfect pleasure”

III – Tobacco: a product of mass consumption

IV – Female smokers: from the femme fatale to the modern woman

V – The dark side of nicotine

How exciting! We are looking forward to showing you all the smoking-related objects.