About Us

Up in Smoke’s team 

Nine postgraduate students from the Museum & Gallery Studies course of the University of St Andrews are the curators of the exhibition “Up in smoke: a history of smoking” under the supervision of Agnès Bos (Lecturer in Art History at the School of Art History, University of St Andrews) and Janice Crane (Curator, Fife Cultural Trust). 

Display team

Joffrey, Ella and Elisa are the members of our display team! They are in charge of the research, the storyline of the exhibition, the selection of objects to display, the loans and the scenography.

Joffrey Nogrette is a 25 years old student coming from Paris. He studied Art History at the Ecole du Louvre and has a master’s degree in 17th century French Literature at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University. His specialisation is Art and archeology of the Greek world. At present, he is an intern at the RSS Discovery and Discovery Point in Dundee. 

Ella Duréault is 23 and studied in Paris at the Ecole du Louvre and at the Ecole des chartes. She studied Art History and specialised in Sculpture of the Modern Times. She also has a degree in Digital technologies. At the moment she works as an intern at Falkland Palace for the National Trust of Scotland. Ella is also the archivist of our exhibition team.

Elisa Dallanoce comes from Milan where she studied Art History at the Università Cattolica. She is a 23 years old student keen on books (have a look at the website she created: https://www.inostrilibri.it). She is currently doing an internship at the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust in Edinburgh. 

They are working to give this exhibition the best and most glamorous interpretation possible by creating different experiences in the gallery with a variety of objects!

Printed Materials team

Anna and Bailey are both members of our Printed Materials Team!

Anna Grinev, 26, is a British/Ukrainian graduate in Modern History and Russian (University of St Andrews). Anna has a strong background as tour guide: she worked for the Scotch Whisky Exprience and volunteered at Falkland Palace. Anna has many interests, in addition to working at Scottish Fisheries Museum, she also participated in an archeological dig (Montcrieffe Hill). Currently, she is interning at the Tayside Medical Museum. 

Bailey Meyer, 22, is a Californian graduate in Chemistry with a minor in German (California Lutheran University). Bailey is passionate about water polo and she plays for St Andrews University’s team. She is currently interning at the Bridges Collection of St. Andrews University.

Working alongside each other, they are in charge of writing and editing texts that will be in the publications. Their tasks also include contacting printers and designing promotion materials. Thanks to them, our thoughts will be put into words, sketches will become designs for you to read and share!

Learning and Programming team

Lili and Alec are the duo for our Learning and Programming team!

Alec van Rijsewijk, Dutch student of 23 years old, comes from Bennebroek. He graduated in History from Leiden University and wrote his thesis on early modern Turkish conquerors and their terror-tactics. He is currently interning at the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum in Dundee.

Lilien Sztudinka, 24, is a German student from Solingen. She has bachelor’s degrees in English/American Studies and Art History from the University of Tübingen. She has a passion for interdisciplinary subjects, particularly in the field of modern and contemporary art with previous exhibition work experience. At the moment, she is an intern at University of Dundee Museum Services. 

Both are in charge of the programme in the activity room, including talks and workshops for children and adults. They are planning educative and entertaining activities for the enjoyment of the visitors! 

Marketing, Sponsorship and Retail team

Alessia, 23, comes from Italy where she graduated in Arts and Humanities with a special focus on Archaeology and Medieval History (University of Parma). Her passions led her to take part in several excavation digs and researches in Italy. She also interned at Carpi’s Historical Archive where she studied XIV century documents. Alessia is the treasurer of our team. At the moment she is an intern at Fife Folk Museum in Ceres. 

Léa, 23, comes from France where she graduated in Art history at the Ecole du Louvre specializing in Arts of the 19th and early 20th centuries. She is passionate about the setting and management of exhibitions as well as preserving cultural heritage. This brought her to volunteer on a summer work-camp in Pingyao (China) to restore a Buddhist temple. Léa is currently interning at the HMS Unicorn in Dundee. 

They are in charge of reaching out to potential sponsor and create sponsorship/partnership deals. Marketing and promotion are also part of their task as well as caring for our social media. They are planning many exciting activities for the future!


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